Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How to open Excel file in JOSM ?

If we have .xlsx or excel file and we want to open or save as a .osm file . we do not need any big software. we can easily do it in JOSM . just we have to follow some step and need to a plug-in.

At first save the excel file as a .csv formet
After that open the JOSM app and then go to edit and then go to Preferences And click the plug-in button. And then type opendata . after that update the plug-in and then any .csv file can open in JOSM.
When open it just save as a .osm formet .That’s it .

Thank you . keep mapping .

Sunday, November 26, 2017

এসো নিজে করি

A set of open source tools to help collect field map data. Organizations in developing regions inefficiently collect mostly textual, osm, image and geo data.

Paper-­‐based processes are inefficient, but moving to electronic systems has lot of problems. In this situation those apps help us a lot. By those apps we can directly Collect field data.

“এসো নিজে করি”  is a customized app from ODK (Open Data Kit) .

Anyone can have basic knowledge about OpenStreetMap he or she can use those apps . Those app first open এসো নিজে করি then select fill blank form . Then select form type. Then open mapkit . select building or insert a poi . Then input data . Then swipe and fill form . when complete the form save and exit.
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

PathaoMapKit v1.2

New Customize Tool PathaoMapKit is here...