Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Helping people to find the publicly accessible toilets

Bangladesh is a developing and overpopulated country. Dhaka is the capital & central point of Bangladesh. Above 20 Million people permanently or temporarily leave here. Most of them are students or working people. Every day they had to go out of their houses for study or work purposes. Sometimes they need to use toilets. In this situation, they need publicly accessible toilets nearby. But all the time it is not easy to find out those toilets easily. So that WaterAid Bangladesh made an Android-based app which is very much helpful to find out nearby toilets.

In this project, WaterAid needs Field data. That’s why WaterAid Bangladesh works collaboratively with BHOOT. BHOOT is humanitarian operational part of OpenStreetMap Bangladesh Community. In this project, we collect 434 publicly accessible toilets beside the prominent highways. Now anyone can easily find nearby toilets, who have an android phone. This is a dream work for us. Because we "the BHOOT" have a lot of dreams of helping people.

We have a big dream project named "Clean City, Smart city.” Finding out the publicly accessible toilets is also part of this project. If people use this service then it can be possible to mitigate some health issues. And also it will help to make the Dhaka city clean.

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